Cottage in the Woods


So eventually this year I will buy a little Shabby Chic/ Victorian cottage in the woods. I find that everyone needs a little luxury cottage in the woods, for relaxation and some bliss. Some may say that its too expensive to have a cottage, but I’m here to say that you can have a opulent French cottage for cheaper then you may think. Its as simple as finding a beautiful piece of land, and building your dream cabin, and wella. Now your probably asking; “What is so simple about that? ” and “That’s sounds expensive.” Well its one company that makes it simple and they are; “Tumbleweed Houses”. They are called micro cabins to be exact, and they can travel easily as well. They may be small but they are very luxurious inside, and you can make them as custom as you want since you design every aspect of them. These cute cottages are as low as $57,000 and go up. You may have them be built or can build them yourself, its truly up to you on how simple you want to go. They even take it a step further and offer great financing plans, so you can have the cabin of your dreams.

Tumbleweed Houses have four core models of homes; The Elm, the Cypress, the Linden and the Mica. The Elm is my personal favorite, but if that’s not enough they offer more beautiful houses in there catalogs.

Once you get your gorgeous Tumbleweed House then you can start decorating and adding gorgeous decor; here are a couple luxurious décor items that every cottage in the woods needs:

“Walk in the Woods” Candle $125.00

Cable Cashmere Throw Blanket $595.00


I hope this post inspires you to have a luxurious cottage in the woods too and remember;

“It doesn’t matter how big your house is, the most important thing is how much love is shared inside the home” ~Krystle Kelley