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Being a lady in every essence of the word is how Krystie Kelley approaches life. And these aren’t just words; they are a constant education and worldview. We face an overwhelming bombardment from media and a plethora of choice. So, Krystle hopes she can provide an avenue of education for those looking for a new aesthetic or perhaps advice from someone who has extensive knowledge of fashion and luxury lifestyles.

As a successful international model, Krystle has seen much of the world. One of her takeaways is grace comes from making people feel beautiful. Her seemingly effortless poise has its roots in this approach. She has modeled for acclaimed designers and cat-walked the runways at the highest-profile industry events (including LA Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, and Fashion Week El Paseo).

The blog reflects Krystle’s myriad interests. In line with her personal philosophy, she takes seriously her opportunity to educate her established fans and newcomers in the fields of luxury fine jewelry, art, beauty, fashion and wine. In addition to modeling and media duties, Krystie Kelley is also a licensed Esthetician and Reiki Practitioner. She finds this an excellent outlet for helping others actualize the beauty and grace in their own lives.

Fall in love with my Autumn Sweater Style

Desert Flora


Garden with me, learn about rare species of Orchids and how to keep them alive. Join my garden conservatory club, learn and share agricultural designing tips. Help save beneficial insects, while making your garden thrive and be healthy.

Bordeaux in Plum

Noire Prologues

Take a virtual tour around the globe, wine tasting, learning how to make wine, seeing beautiful vineyards and Chateaus. Along with taking a personal journey with me on a quest to become a Master Sommelier.

Videos I love to watch and feature here on my website. Grab some popcorn & enjoy.

chanel film
The Tale of the Fairy by Chanel & Karl Lagerfeld
Beatrix Potter
The Lady of the Lakes by Olivia Frost

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