• Runway fashion can definitely be absolutely eccentric and unwearable for the average person’s every day life. However, we don’t have to completely rule out the new trends! We can take inspiration from the trendy items that walked down the runway for this 2011 Fall season and imply them into a reasonable outfit for a business meeting, or a night out on the town with the girls!
  • One of the biggest trends that you will see for this upcoming Fall season is a unique fashion trend for Fall this year is reptile skin accessories. Shoes, belts, jewelry… reptile is definitely the way to go. Pay attention to the suggestions I made to tie this original trend into your wardrobe; shoes, belts and jewelry. No reptile skin jacket and pants! Keep it simply with small hints, like a thin belt or a watch.

Crocodile Satchel by designer Nancy Gonzalez

Beautiful Natural Reptile Skin Pumps

  • The last unique fashion trend that hasn’t been around for quite a long time is polka dots! I know, I can’t believe this trend is back either. I would avoid a full polka dot suit – even polka dot pants, and stick to a spotted blouse, since blouses are also huge this season! Too many dots will make everyone around you dizzy. Or a chic polka dot dress, that has every one say, “Wow!” Keep it simple and chic, and you will nail this trend bang on!


Polka Dot Dress by Stella McCartney

  • You know those funny commercials where they make fun of runway outfits in an everyday lifestyle? Well, it’s very true. We can’t wear things to our children’s birthday party, or a business event that we see walk  fashionably down the runway. However, as I said, we can still incorporate small pieces and get inspiration from the runway to fit it into the average person’s lifestyle. Good luck, and ladies remember… simply is chic!



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