Wisteria in the Desert


Wisteria Tree Vine are famously known for the Wisteria Flower Tunnels in Japan, its one of my favorite trees and they smell incredible. The scent of Wisteria smells like a mixture of Honey, Lavender & Gardenia, a very unique scent only found in Wisterias. The colors range from white, pink, purple, and even blue colors. I love them so much, but was always told they wouldn’t live in the desert, especially the Palm Springs area. Every time I would visit a nursery here in the desert they would tell me; “No it wont live and they don’t do well here in the desert.” So I decided not to listen, and take a big gamble to just buy a Wisteria tree. I also decided not to just get a small little starter plant, but decided to buy a 5-6 foot tree.


Wisteria Flower Tunnels in Japan


Wisteria Flower Tunnels in Japan

I ended up scouring the internet trying to find the perfect tree, that was at least 5 feet tall, and that could grow in my climate zone. Much to my search I was only able to find seeds or just starter plants, I started to give up, but then I searched one more time and I found a rare species of Wisteria called; Dark Amethyst Wisteria, that grows in climate zone 4-10 and a website that sold 5 foot trees. I immediately purchased it, when I received the box, I looked inside and there was a tree that looked like it was dying and in major shock from the heat since it was the middle of August in Palm Springs. My warnings sounded like they became true, all the leaves were dried brown or yellow. I was so sad, but I decided to keep it in partial outdoor light and watered it. I was sure that the tree was dead, but something inside me told me to just wait at least a week, to see if it grew any new leaves. Sure enough after a week it started to grow new leaves, and two weeks later it looked completely different, and now its growing like a weed. It even grew another foot. I kept the tree in a shady spot that has morning sun, and afternoon shade. I’m happy to say its very healthy and vibrant, sprouting up new branches & leaves everywhere. Now the only thing left is to transplant it into a beautiful Tuscan Urn Planter, and by next spring it will bloom gorgeous fragrant dark amethyst purple flowers.

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